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Training details

Boosting resilience 21 days training​​

  • Business storytelling & reflection

    21 leadership capabilities dressed up in a storytelling, inspiring format full of metaphors and narratives that makes you reflect your own impact on yourself, the team and the organisation.

  • Bodywork & meditation

    21+ body awareness & stress release techniques that connect you back to your roots, completed by transforming set of 21 meditations based on neuroscience and brain plasticity that ground you into the purpose of the day.

  • Slowjogging in the nature

    21 live, on zoom, morning sessions of moderate running outdoor, based on performance principles used by professional athletes to awaken your potential, creativity, physical strength and awaken hormones of happiness and agency.

Resilience21™️ is a space that reconnects us, leaders with the nature and wisdom of change

100% Innovative

you experience all aspects of resilience like never done before – in one training cocktail – it is like a redbull!

100% Connected to the nature

you experience mornings in the nature, appreciating the simple beauty of slowjogging, connecting to the trees & elements!

100% Transformative

based on the science of change you gain a unique experience of going through your own process that will bring a lot of insights for you!




Kilometers run




Planted trees

We invite you to join our transformative journey that empowers leaders & organizations​

Hero’s Journey

framed with The Liminal Pathways by phd Gisela Wendling

Your inner transformational process

21 pre-readings
21 reflection cards
21 days of journaling

21 live outdoor trainings​

21 leadership capabilities in storytelling format
21 bodywork sets
21 meditations

Resilience in outdoor​

no matter the weather, nor place we boost resilience through the simple, daily practice​

Exceptional Value


Know your power

Increase of energy, body & mental condition, inner power


Impact your habits

Increase in sense of agency, self-confidence & decisiveness

Gain your balance

Increase of inner peace, happiness, trust & grounding

Manage your distress

Decrease of stress, feeling of stuck & lack of motivation

Reinvent your potential

Understanding your spirit, purpose, reputation & leadership calling

Navigate the change

Understanding transformation deeply, equipment with narratives and stories that build safety & hope

Your personal Resilience 21™️ toolbox

The training is 100% online but we want you to feel connected and onboarded. each of the leader will receive her/his own toolbox with the book – Resilience – the inner power of leaders by Sylwia Lewandowska-Akhvlediani, running t-shirt and many more – let us surprise you a bit!

Nearest edition

We are happy to announce the dates for the start of the autum international round 9th of September 2024

29th of AUGUST 2024

Registration gates close by Friday 29th of August 2024

5th of SEPTEMBER 2024 (Thursday) / 19.00-21.00 CET

KICK OFF with collective goal setting (Intention) & networking

9th of SEPTEMBER 2024 (Monday) / 6.30-7.15 CET

START 21 unique live trainings with a live group on zoom each day for 21 days!

19th of SEPTEMBER 2024 / 20.00-21.00 CET (Thursday)

Glass of wine Leaders’ Evening Circle – to deepen the relationships, share the reflections, strengthen the outcomes!

29thof SEPTEMBER 2024 (Sunday)/ 6.30-7.15 CET

Last live training

3rd of OCTOBER 2024 (Thursday) / 19-21:00 CET

Closing Ceremony with celebration and action plan for the integration & the future!

Trainers for this edition

Our team of trainers and supervisors will happily hold a space for you to feel safe and courageous to go through your own process

Sylwia Lewandowska-Akhvlediani
Sylwia Lewandowska-Akhvlediani Resilience21™ Creator, Mentor & International Business Psychologist
Anna Sierpowska
Anna Sierpowska Body Awareness Guide, Movement Medicine Teacher, Lowen Bioenergetics Therapist
Justyna Kozera
Justyna Kozera Social Psychologist & Supervizor

Discover the Power of Resilience!

Watch the video below and embark on a life-changing journey towards building unwavering resilience.