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Value Investment the more you engage, the more you gain​

Know your power

Increase of energy, body & mental condition, inner power


Impact your habits

Increase in sense of agency, self-confidence & decisiveness

Gain your balance

Increase of inner peace, happiness, trust & grounding

Manage your distress

Decrease of stress, feeling of stuck & lack of motivation

Reinvent your potential

Understanding your spirit, purpose, reputation & leadership calling

Navigate the change

Understanding transformation deeply, equipment with narratives and stories that build safety & hope

Beautiful in Its Simplicity

Your resilience journey starts here

Activate the best option for you to start. Let’s see what emerges from there.

RESILIENCE 21™️ Happy Single

1121 € net

RESILIENCE 21™️ Team Spirit

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PCM® profile Happy Single

500 € net

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You wanna join but economy is an issue?

It is not. We love to suport leaders, so desribe your work in the wolrd and let us know how will resilience help you with it.


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Frequently asked questions

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How does Resilience21 training looks like in practice?

We meet live each day for 21 days in a raw, on zoom, on your mobile. You are outside dressed up according to the weather conditions. You start light running & we start storytelling, bodywork and meditation. We guide you by an evening short reading, morning training and the afternoon reflection-action task. All takes apx. 75’ per day.

Is any running experience needed?

No, relax. Resilience21 is based on slowjogging running technique, that we teach you on the go, and most love it & continue it later on! More info in our blog – Slowjogging for fast results? (podpięcie do tego artykułu)

What equipment is needed to start a training?

Running shoes (zero drop), sport outfit: leggins, breathable t-shirt (you will get Resilience21!), waterproof jacket, a hat & gloves (if on minus,) tissues (your nose will clean up). Wireless headphones, charged mobile phone, powerbank.

What if I cannot make a day of the training?

You keep the rhythm in the possible way – so you read the chapter from the book, take the questions into the move, accomplish the reflection-action task on your own. Then you come back to the group process.

Is it better to join an open edition with my team or have a dedicated process?

Well, it depends. We like to mix people and cultures. Sharing a common experience you gain a different depth of a new relationship and we love to inspire you with expanding your professional network. But, if your team is going through a certain process or a challenge, it make sense to build this special space for all of you. Let’s talk your case.

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