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Why Resilience?


84% of organisations report they have discussed the value of organisational resilience. PwC’s Global Crisis Survey 2021


More than 60% of business leaders acknowledge resilience as a top priority or very relevant in strategic decision-making. Corporate Resilience Survey 2021, FERMA & McKinsey


970 million people worldwide have a mental health or substance abuse disorder. Our World in Data, 2018 // post pandemic +25%

We cannot prevent adversities either in business or in life. Still, we can learn how to use resilience principles to grow from the adversity.

This approach will give leaders and the organisations significant competitive advantage in business value over time.

Resilient leadership shows up as a way of leading and cocreating the regenerative culture of impact on planet, people, products, profits, life styles & success definition feeling responsible for the next generations.

Sylwia Lewandowska-Akhvlediani

Why now?

Look around you – what do you see, hear from the world, media, market?
We all are experiencing a massive global transformation of new ways of working, consuming, doing business, building communities, and simply living.

Facing climate emergency & migrations(!), popularity of AI, war conflicts in Europe, increasing inflection and social uncertainty, mental health problems, aging societies, that complexity requires a different mindset, skillset and actions from us, leaders.

Thus, we need to use different methods of leadership development & culture change to prepare for the future. Resilience is a key success factor to not only survive but thrive during this time!

Are you ready for the future?


RESILIENCE 21™️ Approach

Framework for leaders navigating in the unknown

Understanding the essence of any change we design, facilitate and co-lead transformation process to increase resilience both on individual and business level.

Boosting resilience impacts the potential hidden behind “the fear of the future” and “wounds from the past”. We act from a deep connection with the NOW. Accompanied by the nature, body, mind, spirit balance. Imagine, unlocking this potential in your case, dear leader, what could happen?

In the global unknown context, we need to operate in our circle of influence, bringing hope and peace, vision and energy, build engaged purpose driven teams, communicate the impactful narratives and act for the wellbeing of all. Maybe this way will be a permanent agile way of adopting to still changing circumstances?

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