Process Communication Model

PCM® is the premier tool for decoding human interactions. It differentiates among six personality types, which we all have in us: Thinker, Persister, Rebel, Promoter, Harmonizer, and Imaginer. Each type has its own strengths and preferences as well as a distress pattern. A different combination takes center stage in every one of us. Isn’t it the key to effective teamwork in an agile, ready for challenges organizations?

Know your talents & shadows

We all have the ability to live and interact positively. However, when we experience stress, we can be bad-tempered or edgy; we can even switch off completely. This can lead to misunderstandings, irritations, or setbacks. PCM® helps you to observe your own and other people’s behavior and understand our different personalities and preferences.  

PCM® Leader's story

“I had never heard the word “resilience” before. Yet today I understand I have been experiencing it in practice, built up by personal and professional circumstances and difficulties, and walking hand in hand on the path of transformation under your guideship, Sylwia.

Mental power allows us to face challenges and feel empowered by a partnership position in relationships with our stakeholders. I find it was both valuable and a revelation: to understand how important resilience is when building relationships and boosting our reputation in contact with employees and stakeholders from our headquarters, the group, and assorted countries.

Watching you in action in various and occasionally difficult meetings with our management allowed me to realise what I expect of leaders in the work culture I wish to roll out in the company while jointly developing our own style of leadership with employees, suppliers, and business partners. Comprehending oneself was helpful in the process – as was understanding one’s own potential and shadow – distress – on individual and team levels thanks to the PCM® profile. It has further allowed us develop a modern, flexible, agile organisation, swift in responding to change and based on the strong sides of our leaders.”

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Ryszard Pawleta - Managing Director & Board Member, BADER Poland

We Use PCM® to unlock the full potential of our team

“PCM® works effectively in improving the quality and ease of cooperation among all different types of personalities, team mates, board members, streamlining communication between the CEO and their superiors. The international character of PCM® allows for precise utilization of the tool worldwide, including in local languages. If transparently prepared for the entire team, it minimizes unnecessary stress and strengthens the positive impact of team members on each other.

Our global network of 4,000 certified trainers and coaches help people transform these observations into skills that allow them to turn conversations and situations around. PCM® is practiced in 54 countries by renowned brands such as NASA, l’Oréal, Pixar and BMW, as well as educational and governmental institutions. We are happy to include this in Resilience21 Approach.”

Sylwia Lewandowska-Akhvlediani – certified PCM® Coach and founder of RESILIENCE 21™️

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