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Masha Ibeschitz

Founder & Chairperson at Think Beyond Group, Executive Coach, Author

For many years, when I am asked about resources within me that I can rely on, I mention resilience. I connect with it within myself and also love to develop it together and pass it on to others around me. May it be the leaders and their teams that I am honoured to work with. May it be my dear friends, my closest family, or fellow human beings.

At the same time, the specific way resilience is put together and shown is very individual. Unique, like each of us.

Still, some elements and ingredients help to build a sound foundation for creating one’s original expression of resilience. When I was invited to join RESILIENCE21, I immediately said YES! To strengthen my own skill as well as to develop my toolbox for others. As I am convinced that it is one of the essentials to create a positive IMPACT for the present and the future.

What I experienced after joining Sylwia and her team of experts in the course is an excellent FLOW over time. A balanced combination of elements that support building strong resilience for individuals and organizations. I enjoyed every single day of the journey. Particularly the balance between reading, physical activity, community, and reflection. Some of the major benefits I found are:

The process shed a bright light on a lot of aspects of resilience and offered a structure that can support individuals and organizations to consciously enhance their resilience.

Several unconscious aspects and techniques that I already use for a long time are made accessible in a conscious way.

As we did the process together with my team, we created a sense of COMMUNITAS and are now much more aware and able to address and make use of the elements that help us to develop our and our customers’ organizations.

The world and the VUCA events we are facing today need as many resilient individuals and organizations as possible to take a positive influence. I am happy to contribute my part to this.

As development is an ongoing process – together with my team – we plan to do the journey again in a year to recharge and develop further together – following one of the resilience principles UBUNTU. Dear reader of these lines – maybe we meet the next season 😊.