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Dinesh Musalekar – [Duplicated]

Dinesh Musalekar

President of the Board&CEO, LUMEL&LUMEL Alucast

I enrolled in the Resilience 21 program when I was going through some challenges of coping with the sadness of losing my parents and the business challenges that came along with covid pandemic.

As the program is smartly designed in 3 stages to transform, beginning with the first week of „awakening” then a week of „transition” and finally a week of „Integration” which makes the whole program practical, sustainable and transformable! 

The elements which particularly impressed me during the training program are nr 1. ENERGY – where we are trying to metaphor each one of ourselves as trees in the forest (employees in the organization) rather than the batteries which come charged up in the morning and diminish by the end of the day. Yes, we can create an ecosystem like a forest at the workplace, where endless energy flows without stress and no one’s batteries get discharged. This is quite possible if we have an ecosystem which is supportive, collaborative, compassionate and stressless. Leaders can be catalysts in creating such an environment in organizations. 

Topic nr 2 is UBUNTU –   I am because you are! It’s such a powerful tool for organizations to have a shared vision, a sense of belongingness to the whole and the main purpose of the business. Creating the KPIs which are overlapping with various individuals and departments so that the energy flows in the same direction creating more synergy and less friction could be one practical example of adapting this concept practically.

I am happy that I went through this program and continue to practice the elements of this course. My core team also went through the program subsequently and had many positive outcomes. I do not hesitate to recommend this program to anyone at any level of the organization!